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Start learning a centered swing that produces more efficient shots.

The Golden Rule

The spine and knees are constantly changing flex.

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There's a lot more involved than just chasing a ball with some sticks.

Find The Answers

Learn how to play the game in a more efficient way and pass the knowledge along.

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The habits you start to form on the range eventually show up on the golf course.

Improve your practice habits

These drills, routines, habits will improve your golf game. Your job – remember them!.

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A Membership Platform For Golfers Everywhere

This website gives you the ability to learn and build a swing from virtually anywhere. These professionally designed courses – aka Development Plans (because that’s what I want you to do.. ‘develop’ your game) were built entirely with you the golfer in mind. All courses are included when you become a member and can be used in conjunction with over 100 videos, plus member discounts on lessons and deals on other products.

Here’s a Sample Of The Development Plans Inside The Online Golf Academy

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The Role Of The Spine

The spine has a role from setup to finish. Learn the movements, feelings and positions involved in the swing. $29 value!

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Ultimate Guide To Mental Skills

Start training your golf brain! Learn the thoughts, patterns and techniques used by the games best players. $29 value!

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Practice Like The Pros

Once you learn the system, you need to learn how to practice it correctly so that it shows up on the course. $29 value!

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How To Be a Great Putter

Putting is a game within a game. Learn what to do and how to do it. From Lag Putting, to Routine, to Stroke. $29 value!

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The Real Basics Explained

These Basics are at the very core of the system. Learn more about Low Point, Power and Controlling Curve. $29 value!

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Focus on The Process Not Results

This game is all about the process. Learn more about these highly effective patterns the best players use. $29 value!

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Plus More Great Development Plans Coming Very Soon..

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Learn To Hit a Push-Draw (coming soon..)

By learning how to hit a ‘Push’ then a ‘Push Draw’ you’ll eliminate the left side of the course and keep your ball in play. $29 value!

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The Role Of The Hands (coming soon..)

You’ll learn the role of the hands throughout the swing and learn more about deviation, flexion and pressure. $29 value!

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The 9 Positions Explained (coming soon..)

By learning about positions in the swing you’re able to measure different parts, points and compare them. $29 value!

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“James is absolutely the best, I went from a 10 to a 6 and am still there. There just isn’t anyone better!”


Charlie Lilli

Admiral – US Navy (Ret)

“James is as fast with video analysis as he is with his personal teaching”


Chris Davis


“James Parker’s coaching has transformed my golf game!!!”


James Forman

Patent Examiner, VA – USA

“I find the ability to review my online video lessons invaluable…!”


John Beliakoff

PGA Tour Fitness Instructor, CA – USA

“On numerous occasions I’ve sent videos of me and playing partners out on the course, and we received our lessons back before we finished our round.”


Daryl Chin-Fatt

Director of Business Development, VA – USA

“I now have a much clearer idea of how the swing works.”


Denis Hildebrandt

Entrepreneur, TX – USA

“ I got down to a Scratch by myself, but since James introduced me to a real routine and following a process etc, my game is better.”


Donnie Trehan

Snr Managing Director, VA – USA

“Staying left sided, who would of thought it… HUGE!”


Tim Cline

Master Principle Architect, VA – USA

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