Are you someone who’s looking to play better golf?

Are you looking for some simple tools to help you analyze your swing at the range?

Below I’ve put together 8 of the best tools to help you video your swing and identify the areas that are holding you back.

#1 The V1 Golf App

Without doubt, the best golf app on the market. Yes, it costs a couple of dollars – but you get to easily slow your swing down, compare it side by side to a tour pro, or send it to a Pro for an analysis.

Click here visit V1 Sports and download the app to your IOS or Android device.

Here’s an explainer video by V1 sports.

#2 Cradlz Smartphone Holster

Once you have the V1 App, You’re going to need something to support your phone. The last thing you want is to bother someone at the range and ask them to video your swing. Or even worse, having to take your significant other to the range with you to be your camera caddy!

Fully adjustable Cradlz Universal Smartphone Holster allows the user to record video hands-free from any position!

The new 3rd generation holster is even more capable to handle your video capturing needs. The holster easily snaps to a standard alignment stick and/or the improved flexible tripod allows the holster to stand alone or attached to nearly any surface.  Recording yourself just got easier!

Cradlz was named to the “Best New Product” list at the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show.


  • Cradlz Holster
  • Mesh storage bag
  • Flexible Tripod

You can grab one by visiting

#3 Tripod and Smartphone Mount

Although tools such as the Cradlz (above) work great when the weather is good. If you’re out on a windy day, it may not keep your phone steady.

The next best option is getting yourself a tripod. And nowadays you can a smartphone mount built in.


You can pick up a Acuvar 50″ Inch Aluminum Camera Tripod and Universal Smartphone Mount for only $13.95 from amazon. 

#4 Gooseneck Smartphone Holder

Don’t like the idea of carrying a tripod to the range? Grab yourself a Gooseneck smartphone holder.

Clip one end to your golf bag and the other end holds your phone.

Click here to visit amazon and pick one up for only $10.99

#5 Gooseneck Ipad Holder

Would you prefer to use your Ipad rather than your Iphone to video your swing?

Grab a Gooseneck Ipad Holder. Again only a few dollars ($11.98 to be exact) from

#6 Ipow Universal iPad Tripod Mount Adapter

Just insert your ipad into the mount and connect the mount to a tripod. Really easy, only $8.99 on

#7 Adjustable Gooseneck Floor Stand

An alternative to a tripod would be a floor stand. A little but more expensive, but it looks to do the job great and it will hold your ipad as well. Grad one from for $51.80

#8 Golf Gadgets – Swing Recording System | Large Device Holder

Grab one of these golf gadgets for $29.99 from

I could go on forever!

The point here is after a search on somewhere like for “Iphone mount for golf” or “Ipad mount for golf” a plethora of options turn up on the next page.

You can watch a swing video on youtube or read a good article and have a good idea of how the swing should work. Then, armed with this information, start to analyze your own swing and pick up on the faults that could be leading to your poor shots.

If you get to that point, and are still scratching your head! then maybe you need some help from someone more qualified.

If you’ve read this far, it probably means you’re interested in improving your swing. Am I right?

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