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Welcome To My Online Academy

I love working with passionate people who crave a golf game they can be proud of.

I show them how to turn their old ineffective habits into new efficient movement patterns – while making every step feel like they’ve just learned a little kung-fu (think Neo in the film – The Matrix..).

I’m PGA qualified, I’ve now given over 18,000 lessons, my low round is 63 (9 under par), I’ve worked
under and trained with some of the finest minds in golf. And when I’m not teaching or working on my own game (it’s my hobby as well), I can probably be found on my deck writing, reading a book or chasing my boys around..


James ParkerPGA Qualified Golf Teacher
I’ve guided thousands of golfers towards achieving their goals. Now with over 18,000 career golf lessons to my name, My Online Golf Academy is a Premier Coaching Program that helps golfers around the world learn a Modern Swing, and much more.

About Me

I’m James Parker and I’m on a mission to help 10,000 golfers IMPROVE their game in the next five years.

JamesParkerGolf.com is an Online Academy where golfers from around the world come to learn and improve their swing, play and practice.

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No, definitely not. In fact it doesn’t need most of ones already out there.

But here’s what makes JPG different from most of the others.

In a plethora of information out there about improving your golf game, my site is unique because it’s run by someone who actually does this stuff. Not by someone who tells others what to do, but can’t do it themselves..

I’ve competed at European and Asian Qualifying Schools, I’ve broken some course records and I sometimes enter PGA & Web.com Tour Monday qualifiers to see how far I can push myself.
My mantra has always been to walk my talk. When I ask someone to do something I don’t want them to think “How full of BS is this guy?”. So I make sure I can do whatever it is I’m asking someone else to do. So in that regard my greatest accomplishment is becoming a teacher who can do it as well as teach it.

Since arriving in the US in 2008 I must have had a thousand people ask me what part of Australia I’m from.. I’m not!

I’m from just outside Birmingham, England and grew up about twenty minutes from the Belfry.

I and many others believe we’ve entered a new paradigm in golf instruction. Never before has golf instruction taken on a such a revolution in the way the swing is coached and the game is played.

Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer (the guys behind the Stack & Tilt Swing®) are the modern day pioneers in this Alternative way of swinging and playing the game, and in my opinion don’t get the credit they deserve.

I’m based at The Raspberry Golf Academy in Northern Virginia – primarily at Raspberry Falls Golf Club.

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