About James Parker

James Parker is a PGA Qualified Golf Professional and Senior Instructor at Raspberry Falls Golf & Hunt Club in Northern Virginia - just outside Washington DC. Contact him at James@JamesParkerGolf.com for lesson availability, try a popular V1 Mobile Lesson or join his Online Academy and Inner Circle by clicking the links at the top of the page.

Should You Swing Straight Back?

I get lots of emails from members and subscribers about the golf swing. Most of the time they need pointing in the right direction. A certain video or article or course that explains the problem and gives them a solution. I recently got an email from Alan M, who wrote: "I have been studying your [...]

Is Your Golf Swing Connected?

I've conducted a few lessons recently that have centered around the same general topic, so I thought I'd briefly write about it. The topic is connection, or another way of describing it would be pressure. Are you applying pressure in the correct manner and in the correct places during the swing? Are you applying pressure [...]

8 Tools To Help You Analyze Your Swing

Are you someone who's looking to play better golf? Are you looking for some simple tools to help you analyze your swing at the range? Below I've put together 8 of the best tools to help you video your swing and identify the areas that are holding you back. #1 The V1 Golf App Without [...]

Thank You For Over 100K Views

A few years ago when I started my blog, I started to dabble in the art of video making. Back then, I wasn't married, didn't have kinds, and golf was literally my life! I had lots of time to teach, play, write, think, etc. Now, not so much. But I wouldn't trade my new life [...]

Cures For The Chipping Yips

Sourced from excellent website of David Mackenzie at Golfstateofmind.com JP Note: David Mackenzie is a coach and colleague also based at The Raspberry Golf Academy just outside Washington DC. I highly recommend his material as a way of improving your performance. DO HAVE THE CHIPPING YIPS? Do you play in fear of the chipping yips [...]

Step Drill To Improve Lead Side Impact Dynamics

Generally speaking golfers struggle to get the majority of their weight forward (under their lead foot) at impact. Going by the PGA Tour stats, the Pros you see on TV each week have anything from 80-95% of their weight under their forward foot at impact. So in essence we need at least an 80-20 split [...]

Biomechanics in Action: The Importance of Side-Bending at the Top of the Swing

By Chris Poulin at k-Vest.com JP Note: Side Bending is simply another term used in the golf industry to describe the side bending of the spine. Its meaning is the same as Tilting. Attaining Effective Sidebend Ranges Among the golf professionals with whom I’ve worked, it’s widely accepted that there needs to be some side-bending [...]

Right Tilt at Finish – Good v Bad Players

Sourced from The YouTube Channel of GolfTec Improvement Centers Nick Clearwater comes from a mould of teachers that clearly know the difference between good and bad swings. This video talks about the system GolfTec are using to show their customers what happens in a good swing as opposed to a bad one. In particular, how [...]

Hit Down With The Driver

Sourced from The YouTube Channel of Golf Digest There's a lot of discussion and differing opinions between pros about how to successfully hit and teach a driver swing. The average angle of attack on Tour is 1 degree down, however there are numerous Pros who hit up on the ball considerably. Here's Sean Foley discussing [...]

Mark Evershed – Staying Left With The Weight Shift Monitor

Sourced from The YouTube Channel of Mark Evershed Visit his website EvershedGolf.com If you're a fan of Sean Foley, like I am, you'll have probably come across the name Mark Evershed. At the start of his DVD Sean Foley thanks Mark Evershed, Mike Bennett, Andy Plummer, Mike Bender and others for what he had learned [...]