One of the biggest problems with the majority of golfers is the inability to keep the head quiet. Yes we want speed in the swing but it has to come after we have trained our body to move correctly. When I coach total beginners, which is few and far between nowadays I get them to think of moving in slow motion at first with zero head movement. Never fast and out of control.

The head provides a central point for the body to turn around in the golf swing and it should not move. The quieter we can keep our head during the swing the more likely it is that a good shot will occur. Many people think the head is the center of the swing. It isn’t the center of the swing but it is the center of the pivot. The center of the swing is the left shoulder but that’s a whole other blog entirely.

The heads job during the swing is to remain still or steady with the eyes focused on the ball. I used to play junior golf with a guy named Lee Sedgewick. He was a great big fella and could hit the ball a country mile,  but he’d always have a few holes where it just didn’t click. We played a lot growing up and I used to tell him often that he was simply not focusing (looking) at the ball during his backswing. He used to follow the club head back with his eyes in an attempt to get the club into the perfect position. which it most certainly was not.

He eventually started listening to me after the shanked 3 consecutive shots off the first tee in a junior match against another club. He needed help and that little tip did him the world of good.

Imagine following the club back with your eyes and then when the club got to the top try and train your eyes back on the ball. It doesn’t work. we need quiet eyes just like we need a quiet head.

Now don’t confuse this with a little ‘chin swivel’. I certainly don’t mind a little chin swivel in the backswing and downswing so long as the eyes are firmly focused on the ball.

Remember how Nick Faldo used to look at the ball with his left eye which produced some chin movement. Also, the most successful female golfer of all time didn’t do too badly either whilst looking down the target line before the ball was struck. Both Anikka and David Duval were very successful adopting this style of movement with head.

As a general rule, remember to keep your eyes on the ball. So once the ball has gone (hit) your head will turn with the rest of the body and you can extend into your follow through position. 

Do not keep your head down. This leads to a lack of mobility in the follow through and you’ll end up flicking your hands at the ball. Turn out the way coming through and allow your head to follow the ball. Job done! 

Drill – A great drill I often use with clients to build up their awareness is to make them swing with a straw sticking out their mouth. As soon as you see with your own eyes that the straw is moving up and down and side to side it sinks in. Try and keep the straw as quiet as you can whilst you swing in slow motion. If you struggle with flexibility, try a little chin swivel!

I welcome your thoughts please leave them below.