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Yes you can learn a Modern Golf Swing with a training club! In fact I highly recommend it.

Changing your golf swing means exactly that. We are not changing hitting the ball. Hitting the ball better is the outcome of changing your golf swing. Therefore, learning how to change your movement patterns should be top of the list.

So let’s take the ball/balls away for the time being and simply focus on changing our movement patterns. This is isolationism 101.

Take the distractions away and focus on one thing – making the correct movement patterns – and YES, golf balls are a distraction when you are trying to change things in your swing.

My job really – is to change peoples patterns. A Golf pro is just a fancy name for it!

Below is a short video I shot of myself swinging in slow motion over the weekend out here at Stonebridge CC. I’m not hitting balls, but instead swinging a short training club with a weight on the end.

This is so helpful for building up the correct feelings in the hands during the swing, especially during the transition at the top of the swing. This weight helps build up the pressure in the first pad/joint of the right hand trigger finger to shallow out the plane, get the club in the slot ready to drive the hands down through and past impact.

The molded grip is also great because it MAKES you place your hands on the club properly.

Take a look and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. ALSO, I’ve added some social sharing tools below so please feel free to share with your friends.