Essentially the role of the body during the swing is to start in a static flexed forward position (flexion) and whilst turning back and through, move to an upright position to finish. If you’re not doing this, you’re losing a great deal of power.


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Think of jumping up off the ground from a static position. To do this you need to push down to be able to ‘spring’ back up and leave the ground. Think of a high jumper or longer jumper or discus thrower. They’re creating leverage with the ground to be able to perform their desired action with power.

It’s this style action action in the golf swing that creates tremendous speed with the arms and club.

Think of it like this, during the start of the downswing, try and slide your hips towards the target whilst trying to straighten your knees and straighten your body – moving from flexion (the forward tilting of the spine) to extension (the straightening up of the spine).

This action provides a tremendous ‘catapulting effect’ with the arms and club during the downswing.

To understand ‘flexion’ and ‘extension’ simply think of your setup position and your finish position.

To really increase your speed and power in the swing, start an exercise program that includes jump training (plyometrics).

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