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Absolutely! Please send me an email (address below) with some information about yourself, and I’ll get you booked in my schedule for your initial lesson/evaluation.


I’m based at the beautiful Raspberry Falls Golf & Hunt Club in Leesburg, VA. A Gary Player Signature Course.

I’ve learned so much from simply watching and observing other great Pros go about their business. That’s why I allow my clients access to selected lessons of other golfers I coach that relate to specific subjects – looking over my shoulder, and learning how I explain a problem and offer the solution.

Therefore, all lessons are the property of James Parker Golf and I reserve the right to use lessons, videos and any other content for promotional and educational purposes.

However, in the interest of customer satisfaction – please contact me via email at James@JamesParkerGolf.com if you would prefer your lessons be kept private.

Please check back soon for details on how to earn commissions as an affiliate for this site.

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