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Golfers moving their body ‘off’ center (to the right) is a world wide epidemic.

I’d say 98% of the people I start to teach all move their body to the right. 2% move relatively well. 0% ever move to the left. This is quite an eye opening observation, as it is this quick fix that will drastically effect the weight distribution throughout the swing and therefore effect low point control.

Remedy: Practice TILTING and EXTENDING to the left. Yes, the head will move to the left – but this is the feeling you want to achieve with your ‘body’ while you keep your head relatively still during the swing. This will take care of much of the turning needed in the backswing.

Notice how well Elk Tilts and Extends his upper body. Which is made possible by his pelvis tilting and extending. This is only possible while his lower body functions properly. Right leg straightens – left leg flexes.

Note: The upper body ‘hub’ (center) is the thorax. The lower body ‘hub’ (center) is the center of the pelvis. If the upper body hub moves to the right, ‘off’ center, you are turning too much without the required amount of side tilting and extending to stay centered. Your left shoulder will not move down enough in the takeaway and your head will move to the right.

So you can see – when you start looking at the swing from this standpoint, keeping your ‘weight forward’ doesn’t seem like some radical idea that a few guys decided to start preaching one day when they got up out of bed.

Keeping your weight forward simply happens once you start tilting and extending properly to stay centered. This is the model I’ve chosen and adapted to over the years. A restriction free model that the vast majority of the best players throughout history have demonstrated or certainly demonstrated parts of. I’d highly recommend you start learning it as well.

first step – Stop keeping your right knee flexed!

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