Well first of all the V1 Digital Coaching System is the most trusted analysis software in the business. Professional Golfers around the world utilize the tools available from V1 to provide quality golf instruction.

images-40Let’s go through the whole process of how it works in conjunction with my golf academy so you can see how it can benefit your game.

First of all you will need to download the app to your smartphone or tablet. You can do that by clicking the banner below.

Once it’s downloaded onto your mobile device, you’ll want to start using it. You can either ask a friend or playing partner to hold the device to capture your swing.

Or if you’re a little more independent like me, you’ll need something like this.

CLICK HERE to purchase a Cradlz

Or if you want a great accessory to attach your phone to a tripod or monopod CLICK HERE

20130311_102657_Struve_0252You instantly fall in love with the V1 app because now you can slow your swing down, draw some swing plane lines on the screen and you figure out that you’re coming slightly over the top. Without the app and the ability to draw lines and slow the swing down you wouldn’t have come to that conclusion. So you start on the journey of self teaching and find it incredibly satisfying.


Only one day, not long after that epic moment when you thought you could self diagnose yourself down to a scratch handicap. Comes a day on the course when nothing goes to plan. You hit 7 huge slices off different tee boxes and you realize there’s still quite a way to go. You come to the realization that you probably need some instruction and guidance and advice on your game from a Pro who knows what he’s talking about! (I think i know a guy somewhere)…

You then come across me on the internet through somewhere like Facebook or Youtube and find my online academy. You like the things i’m talking about, you trust me and sign up for a membership to my site which includes lessons (you can purchase as many lessons as you wish once you are a member). CLICK HERE for membership options

Now, next day whilst you’re at the range or course, instead of trying to self diagnose your swing you send it straight to the ‘James Parker Golf Academy’ with two clicks. You find JPGA (James Parker Golf Academy)  from the list of Pro’s and Academies listed, and set me as your Pro.


I get a ping once you’ve uploaded a swing to my V1 academy locker.


I analyze your swing using the same method I would if we were meeting face to face. It starts with an EXPLANATION or diagnosis of your swing, followed by a DEMONSTRATION of perhaps a tour player with a similar build and body shape. This is then followed by the necessary APPLICATION of the new moves needed to change your swing. This mainly comes in the form of imitation, correction and repetition needed to change the patterns in your swing and program your body to perform differently.

The correct drills and exercises prescribed, are an incredibly important part of the learning process.

The idea is to not expect drastic quick fixes – they don’t exist! but to make a small improvement one day at a time.

You quickly realize that the root cause of why you were coming over the top on the downswing was because of the first part of your Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 5.14.32 PMbackswing.

You were producing an inside takeaway and backswing leading to a loop in the swing coming down. You realize that when something isn’t working properly, you have to look at WHY it isn’t working. A band aid approach simply doesn’t work long term.

From this new found information, you go to the practice range the next day, and quickly log into your members area at JPG. You plug your earphones in to your smartphone and start watching your lesson again. You spend 20 minutes practicing nothing but the drills I prescribe to ingrain the new feelings into your swing.

You then go out onto the course and start striking the ball much better, and feel better because you are taking a logical approach to improving your golf game. All at the fraction of the cost of one on one lessons.

The End!

Well, you get the idea. It will take a few more practice sessions, but hopefully from this little bit of improv you can see just how important the V1 golf app and my academy can be in helping you play the game better. And hey – what’s the point in having my own golf academy if I can’t brag about it once in a while…

Here’s a lesson I recently did for one of my members..

To making it easier to improve your game,


P.S. Please leave any comments or questions below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.