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It isn’t just in the golf swing that we need LAG.

One of the secrets to successful ball striking (inc putting) is that we need to produce LAG in every shot, from the putter all the way up to the driver.

I spend most of my time talking and explaining to others how to achieve LAG in the full swing but we also want LAG in a putt. And once you produce it, you’ll never look or feel, the stroke in the same way again.

So what are some of the keys to producing LAG when putting?

Well, let’s start by quickly going over impact and work our way back from there.

The No 1 alignment in golf is the FLAT LEFT WRIST AT IMPACT and it’s crucial whilst putting as well. Most golfers flip the club head through impact which causes too much loft to be added to the ball. This starts the ball off bouncing and bobbing around more than we want and it’s very difficult to control distance. Which is so much more important than line.

So to stop flipping the club head at the ball through impact, start paying attention to the role of your left wrist (for righties).

First off, your left hand should be placed on the handle to the side. So that the lifeline of the left palm is attached to the side of the handle.

Most people still hold the putter much like they do for a normal golf shot with a normal golf swing. Don’t forget, we are standing much closer to a putt than we do a golf shot. Therefore, the shaft angle is much more vertical.

Place your left hand to the side of the handle, not on top! Once your left hand is placed on the handle in the correct fashion, start to slightly BOW your left hand toward the target.

From your eye line it will appear that the shaft is leaning forward slightly in the setup. From here, produce a slight forward press with the back of your left hand and make your stroke.

The objective in the putting stroke, much like the golf swing, is for the head to never outrace the handle. Understanding this hinging/bowing action in the left wrist will produce a flat left wrist at impact and the ball will be struck very cleanly out the sweet spot.

Also, because your impact dynamics will improve your distance control will improve. You’ll start to feel as though you can drop/die the ball into the hole from much longer distances.

Try and putt your mind in your hands, or more importantly in your left wrist. There’s absolutely no hope to ever becoming a good putter unless you educate your left wrist.

Take a look at how Rory Mcilroy has educated his left wrist through the stroke. Check out his forward press and then how he maintains his flat left wrist.