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From: James Parker, PGA Golf Instructor, Founder of, based at Raspberry Falls Golf & Hunt Club, Leesburg, VA, USA.

If you accept this proposal I’m about to put to you, it will cost you exactly $1.00.

one_dollar_billThat’s the “bad news”.

Now For The
Good News..

In exchange for this minuscule investment in your golf game, I’m going to give you the greatest gift a Pro could ever give a fellow golfer.

It’s the key to my “Instruction vault”… a literal treasure trove of knowledge and information to help any golfer improve all facets of their game.

And I’m going to let you have them..


..(plus a whole lot more)..

I’ll tell you why in a bit, but first, I have an important question for you..

Are You Still Just “Winging It”?

“Hoping” your swing shows up when you need it most?

Or do you have a clear-cut plan, a model, and a system to improve your game?

If you are “winging it,” don’t feel bad… you’re not alone, most people are.

For my entire childhood growing up in England, and certainly while I was in my early twenties, that’s what I did too. And for a while it worked.

I won my club championship, I got down to a scratch handicap, went through my PGA training at the Belfry. I even came close to winning the British Assistant Professionals Championship. But as I started to enter tournaments of a higher level such as Asian Tour Qualifying school or European Tour Q school, “winging it” just didn’t cut it anymore.

The first thing I noticed was the guys I was playing with had a different approach. Their ball striking was crisper, the shot shape was tighter and more consistent and they never looked like they were rushing or putting much effort into it – even though many of them hit the ball longer than I did. They were in total control of their mind, body and machine (that’s the swing btw)..

So I Did Something Most Golfers Aren’t Prepared To Do

I decided I was going to learn everything I could about the golf swing, and use myself as a guinea pig so I can call BS if it doesn’t work. Then teach the things that work to others.

For example:

– I learned the spine actually moves 3-dimensionally. It doesn’t just turn, it also tilts and extends..
– And that the spine is constantly changing its flex throughout the whole swing..
– That many of the greatest players in history don’t keep their right knee flexed (which is what I was told to do by pretty much every instructor growing up)..
– That we can move from one foot to the other for power and still keep our weight forward for a crisp strike every time..

.. and that’s just to name a few!

Virtually Every Aspect Of The Golf Swing, All The Moving Parts, The Real Basics Were Learned And Documented

Then I put them to the test..

My goal was simple: I wanted to see if someone with a good technique could simply turn up and start getting good results.


Ok, “failed miserably” would be a bit harsh.. But it wasn’t what I expected or hoped for. I had good enough technique but I still wasn’t getting the results I wanted. There was obviously more involved.

I qualified to play on the PGA Europro Tour in Europe. I even had some great guys sponsor me to go and play.

But one year later, and not much money in the bank made me re-evaluate the situation.

I broke some course records in the process of traveling around Europe, but my game didn’t show up regularly enough. There was obviously more involved…

I had questions, and a lot of them..

So again I documented these questions and set out to answer them.

By this time I had emigrated to America working for Top 100 Instructor Mitchell Spearman.

It really is amazing how much you can learn from someone who’s older, wiser and more experienced!

I set out to find what Mitchell learned from David Leadbetter as his chief lieutenant, and also the knowledge he shared with all the world class players he’s worked with over the years.

At the same time I also read a book that changed the way I look at the swing and game. “The Stack and Tilt Swing®” by Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer promoted pretty much the exact opposite to what I had been told by all my mentors growing up.

As a young wanna-be revolutionary – I was hooked by their story and message!

It’s no surprise that David Leadbetter’s latest book The ‘A’ Swing has been a popular read for many – and kudos to him for publishing it and talking about another way of swinging – The non-restriction based method.

The Result: SUCCESS

I now had something most golfers would give their right arm for..

– I knew how to prepare for a tournament
– I knew how to practice properly
– I knew that success doesn’t happen without some failure first
– I developed a “go-to” shot
– I learned mental strategies and techniques
– I understood the daily routines and disciplines it takes

I started to get through Pre-Qualifying more often to compete in PGA Tour Monday Qualifying events.

I breezed through Local Qualifying to play in the final stage of the US Open numerous times. And in doing so – gained a very busy schedule teaching. More and more people trusted me to give them solutions to their problems..

I started to shoot not just good rounds – but exceptional rounds. I crushed my personal best with 8-under, even 9-under par rounds in practice.

Here’s my disclaimer: Obviously I can’t promise you’ll get results like this. Your results will vary depending on a whole host of factors. Will I ever qualify to play in a PGA Tour event or play in the US Open? Who Knows.. I’m 38 now and not getting any younger – but I haven’t given up or lost the bug yet..

The Secret To Rapid Improvement In Golf (and not being stuck)

Look, I’m no Sean Foley, or Robert Rock.. or Grant Waite..

..But I’ve done ok for myself.

More importantly, my students have done well.

At last (approximate) count I’d conducted well over 18,000 lessons since I started way back in 1997 in Birmingham, England.

Since then, I’ve coached in and around:
– Birmingam, England
– Sutton Coldfield, England
– Lichfield, England
– Coventry, England
– Telford, England
– London, England
– Chicago, Illinois
– Washington DC
– Los Angeles, California
– Dallas, Texas

And now I’ve come nearly full circle while spending time in the US, and me, my wife and two young boys live in Northern Virginia just outside Washington DC and I’m based at Raspberry Falls Golf & Hunt Club in Leesburg VA.

The “secret ingredient”

Traveling around England and the US has taught me that travel is by far the best teacher.

If I wasn’t prepared to travel I would have never met and learned so much from guys like Pat McGuire, Mitchell Spearman, Mike Bennett, Andy Plummer, Brady Riggs or Brian Manzella – and the list goes on believe me.

Or even heard of guys like Eddie Merrins (the little pro), Mac O Grady or Homer Kelley, who’s books have also shaped the way I look at and teach the golf swing.

So, a few years ago I decided to put all the information I’d learned from these great teachers and start a blog. This blog started attracting other golfers who were interested in learning what I had to say.

The Blog turned into and online lesson platform, and has since turned into an online academy.

An academy that is constantly growing and providing easier ways for people to get the information they need.

It hasn’t been easy. And at certain points I nearly checked it away as an idea that was simply too grand to ever get going. But, just like my playing ambitions, I persisted and eventually started getting some decent results.

The key is content! And providing lots and lots of it..

That’s why inside my academy there is a section called ‘Development Plans’. This is where you’ll find in depth courses that teach certain subjects.

There’s a section where you can watch your lessons. Whether these are mobile lessons or lesson recaps from an in person visit. This is the section you’ll access to watch personal videos from me.

There’s the video vault. Inside here you’ll find videos on general instruction, drills, short game and ‘office hours’. ‘Office Hours’ are Case Studies of different lessons I’ve given people that cover a certain topic. This way you can look over my shoulder – see some common faults, and learn from how I dissect their swing.

As a member, you get access to everything.. And when I figure out something else that works, I’ll document it so you can gain access to it as well.

Here’s a few of the topics that are waiting for you inside the academy.
– The Real Basics
– The Role Of The Spine

These ‘Plans’ are great for learning how the swing really works, but what if you need some advice and guidance on how to play the game? What if you have an important game coming up in a few weeks and are looking for a solid strategy to take into your round.

If any of those are on your “to do list” then you’ll love these ‘Plans’. There’s the..
– Ultimate Guide To Mental Skills
– Process Not Results

These plans are the ULTIMATE SHORTCUT you’ve been looking for to build a game you can be proud of..

.. and over the next 7 days I’m going to take you by the hand and teach you 7 of these courses step by step..

But what if you’re also looking for some help on simple practice strategies.. For example, there’s..

– How To Practice Like The Pros (and this plan is also downloadable as a PFD).. that way you can open it up super fast at the range and follow one of the many drills inside.
– How To Become a Great Putter
– The Weight & Footwork Model
– Heart Focus Breathing
– The Shot Cone Explained

And again, this is just a sample!

In the next few weeks and months you’ll find lots more courses and development plans as I’m busy filling this section with the information you need and breaking it down step by step..

There’s also The System – which is a extensive page dedicated to learning and improving the three most popular topics – Contact, Power and Direction.

and also Coaches Corner – where I answer all your questions and document them so other members can learn more about that topic as well.

And by joining today, you can have immediate access to all of this material. But that’s not all..

Lessons and Special Offers

As a member you get the member rate of 50% off V1 mobile lessons.

Now you don’t have to take any lessons, but this discount may incentivize you to stay on top of your swing by allowing me to take a closer look at your move.

If you were to buy a V1 mobile lesson on the front end of my site, you would be charged $50. But as a member, you only pay $25.

You pay $1 now to become a member, and you get an instant $25 discount on a V1 mobile lesson.

I’ll also send you a special offer every month that you can take advantage of.

Basically, if you’re serious about improving your golf game and are prepared to spend a few dollars every month with someone who teaches a proven system – instead of listening to dozens of different pros on YouTube talking about conflicting things, this is the place for you.

Also, if you would like to come and spend some time together with me in person, we’ll spend 90 minutes together – you only pay for 60 minutes ($150).

So you get it all..

– The System: A detailed plan of how to improve your Contact, Power and Direction.
Development Plans: All my ‘cheat sheets’ and courses. Plus new ones every month.
Video Vault access: Over 100 videos on different subjects to help you learn and improve.
– Coaches Corner: Get your questions answered through videos, articles and analysis.
My lessons: A separate section to watch and view your personal lessons.
Deals: A member only page where you can purchase lessons and get deals on other stuff!


What’s Your Ulterior Motive?..

It may come as a surprise, but I do have a sneaky, ulterior motive for making this offer.

As you’ve probably guessed, I’m certainly not getting rich giving away my best stuff for $1..

My hope is that you’ll love what I’ve put together and choose to stay. If you do, Perfect! But if you don’t, that’s OK too.

Just cancel before your 7 days are up, and you’ll never be charged again.

But if you do love it (and I definitely think you will),  you’ll automatically be renewed at the member rate of just $25.00 a month.

pro-v1x-sleeves_grandeWhich is less than a couple of sleeves of ProV1’s..

and especially when you compare what you can potentially win from your weekly games when you learn and implement just one of the ‘Courses’ you see above, or by watching how I’ve explained a problem to someone else.

In fact, I’ll make you a deal you can’t refuse..

If you’re not able to make your money back from your ‘weekly bet’ with your friends on the course, I’ll insist you terminate your membership and look for help somewhere else.

Again, that’s how confident I am in what you’re about to have access to!

So get off the fence, click the button below, and let’s make this your best season yet!

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