Sourced from The YouTube Channel of
GolfTec Improvement Centers

Nick Clearwater comes from a mould of teachers that clearly know the difference between good and bad swings. This video talks about the system GolfTec are using to show their customers what happens in a good swing as opposed to a bad one. In particular, how a good golf swing has a significant more amount of right tilt at the finish.

Before you watch this video, he’s a quick translator to help you understand The Role Of The Spine easier:

Side Bend = Tilt
Stretch = Extension
Stretched Out = Extension
Bending Backward = Extension
Bend Torso Back = Extension
Forward Bend = Flexion (flexed forward)

To be honest, it doesn’t bother me if different Pros use different terminology, as long as everyone knows that some different words and phrases mean basically the same thing. I like to keep it a little more simple and only use the terms flexion, extension, tilting and turning. Combine those motions at the correct point in the swing and it’s plain sailing from then on – I promise you. Figure ‘D’ below shows the difference between extending and flexing (extension and flexion).

Body_Movements_I 1000

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