What a fantastic performance by Rory over the weekend hey?

Besides from his silky smooth swing and his gladiatorial performance. Something else stood out to me.

In one of his interviews after his final round, Rory spoke about having two trigger words all week. “Process” and “Spot“.

Now if you’ve ever spent any time with a sports psychologist, you’ll know a lot of what they teach you involves something called NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

NLP in a nutshell, is having the ability to elicit a certain state. Either to yourself or someone else.

Process and Spot were simply TRIGGER words that reminded Rory to stay in the present and remind him of his task in hand. Talk about playing the game without many technical thoughts. Brilliant!

I’m sure his Process consisted of “seeing” the shot, “feeling” the shot and then walking up and “doing” the shot. “See it, Feel it, Do it

And Spot simply reminds him to roll his putt over a spot in front of his ball when putting. This a trademark technique taught by his putting coach Dave Stockton. Who strongly promotes a style of putting where conscious thought is kept to a minimum. Promoting a subconscious style of touch and feel to be a good putter.

Pretty interesting stuff, if you want to be a better player. And proving once again, that you’re never going to be able to let go or swing freely on the course until you understand and practice the process.

Technical practice – Variable practice – take it to the course

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