Sometimes the simple drills are the best.

Yesterday I was hitting balls during my technical practice time and was working on keeping my spine angle through the shot.

This is something I have to work on as I have a tendency to ‘work my hips’ a little too aggressively coming down into the ball.

Many good players also have this problem, and I think the route cause comes from being told to drive the hips in the downswing. That was what I heard a lot of growing up in England. Get the weight on the back leg during the backswing (causing a lateral slide with hips) then get the weight on the front leg coming down, and you’re golden! I heard that so many times growing up it became engrained in my mind. What rubbish!

Yes, there’s obviously going to be a weight shift during the backswing but there should not be any lateral slide with the hips. Also, although the hips should have a driving or thrusting sensation during the downswing. This may lead to the hips ‘spinning out’ and the arms, hands and club becoming trapped during the downswing.

This means that the lower body has drove too much leaving the arms and hands behind, causing a manipulation with the club. We want a patient transition into the downswing. This is what you see the tour pros do so well when you watch them on the TV on the weekend.

The answer is to start the downswing gradually, with the lower body. Then make sure the hands are driven down to the follow through position.

Here’s a great practice drill you can do with just a couple of sticks/rods that you can pick up at your local golf shop or somewhere like Lowes or Home Depot. (They are only a couple of bucks at Lowes or Home Depot btw..)

In the comments section below, I’d love to hear your feedback. What other drills do you practice to maintain your spine angle through the shot?

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