Many of us don’t realize the dominant side of our body at work during the swing, chip, putt etc.. and this could be why you keep chunking your chip shots.

For a right side dominant player, the right hand will always tend to dominate the left.

This generally leads to the club head bottoming out too early. Meaning the low point occurs behind the ball. This then means that the club head ascending (traveling upwards) at impact. Instead of slightly descending at impact.

This is a very common issue, and it flows all the way through to a full swing. At impact, whether you’re chipping, pitching or swinging full, the left wrist/hand has to be flat at impact. Meaning, the back of the left hand facing the target and also in line with the left forearm.

When there’s too much right hand action through impact, this critical impact alignment doesn’t happen. The left wrist tends to be bent and the right wrist tends to be flat. This is opposite to what we want.

We always want a flat left wrist, and a bent right wrist at impact.

Try practicing with your least dominant hand once in a while around the chipping green. This will help educate that side of the body in its role and build up the correct feelings for when the dominant hand is placed back on the club.

This will help you stop “chunking your chip shots”.

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