I’ve always viewed the golf swing as an aggressive artistic style move. Therefore we need some kind of a rhythm to go with the movement.

A kind of internal music that goes along with the move we are making.

Here’s how I like to think about it during my swing and when I teach it people it improves their ball striking instantly.

During the swing follow a “Fast, Slow – Fast, Slow” tempo.

I like this for a number of reasons.

Many people take too long to make their back swing, often taking 2 seconds or even longer. So make a more aggressive move to get to the top. This applies to ladies in particular, but also everyone else including low handicap players.

Now this doesn’t mean a quick, jerky movement away from the ball. It means there needs to be some momentum to get your hands to the top.

We want a patient transition into the downswing with the lower body, so a great feeling would to feel as though you are hanging out at the top of your swing.Way to many swings are wrecked by an overly aggressive move from the top.

If your hands are on the club correctly they will hopefully be in a good position at the top and the weight of the club head will start to fall and resist the change of direction increasing pressure in the first pad of the right hand trigger finger (for us righty’s of course). This then drops the club in the slot which is generally a more shallow plane to come down and attack the ball.

This is why we want to feel as though we are hanging out at the top. Once you feel the club in the first pad of the trigger finger then you can drive the club with your right side whilst hanging on to the pressure build up in the trigger finger.

This is the next “Fast” part of the swing. The downswing all the way to the follow through position (just past impact) where the club is about at a 45 degree angle to the ground.

The next “Slow” part is the finish of the swing because we want to control our balance on our left foot. If you’re still trying to move the club and your hands fast at the end of your swing you’ll probably lose your balance. You’ve already hit the ball, so start slowing down after impact. Think of Luke Donald’s finish position, how he holds the club behind his neck perfectly in balance. After he’s hit the ball he’s slowing down.

So, a fast (ish) move up the top.

A slow transition at the top

A fast move down and past the ball

and a slow finish to maintain balance

Think about it as a 4 count. 1. 2……..3.4……..


Putting is a little different as the length of the stroke is very small is context to the swing.

I still like a 4 count but it goes “Slow, Slow, – Fast, Fast”

What does this mean??? I hear you say..

Well if you’re a member of my academy and follow my instruction you should know by now that you’re attention should be on the speed and line of your putt.

Many people spend too long before they make a putt staring at the ball. This only takes you’re attention away from the speed and line of the putt.

So try a long slow look up and down your line of putt. This is the “Slow, Slow” part of the “Slow, Slow, – Fast, Fast” rhythm.

Once your eyes get back to around the ball and you’re putter is lined up with your line of putt, pull the trigger. This is the “Fast, Fast” part.

“Fast, Fast” because the stroke is such a short action it’s over before you know it.


Get yourself a metronome. See the video below by one of my favorite instructors out there Mike Bender, and find the correct speed which goes with your natural make up as a person.

 I.E A faster stroke if you walk, talk, drive, play faster than others.

A slightly slower stroke if you walk, talk, drive, play slower than others.

But all that being said, in relation to the “slow, slow” look up and down the line. The putt is the “fast, fast” part. The reason I like the “Slow, Slow” look up and down the line is because we need to tune our mind into the exact line and speed the ball is going to travel into the hole. I just don’t think that’s possible with a quick look up and down the line. But hey, each to their own!

Now if this tip helps you, let me and everyone else know by leaving a comment below. Or do you have a specific drill that you follow to help control your rhythm in your swing?

I hope this helped you out


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