Have you ever taken note of how David Beckham runs up to the ball to take a free kick or a corner?

He runs up and approaches the ball on an angle. This angle allows his torso to turn and his leg to swing in an arc style fashion. I’m sure he found out very early on in his career (and was also probably coached it) that he can swing his leg faster on an arc than in a straight line.

There’s nothing new about this style of generating power. In physics it’s called angular momentum. And we want to employ the same principles in our golf swing.

We always want our hands and club to be moving around our body on an arc.

When the hands move back to the inside, they are far more likely to move back to the ball on an inside path.

If a golfer moves his/her hands and club away from the ball on a straight line, it decreases their ability to create power. And in most cases causes a swing path from out to in, which for the majority of people produces a curved shot shape from left to right.

This one swing thought has helped so many of my clients over the years. And I know it can help you to.

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