Thank you for the thorough and prompt analysis of my swing. i ingrained that swing for more than 40 years and never achieved consistent ball striking. you quickly spotted several, doable changes that felt very "weird" but resulted in crisp, straight shots during my first range session. I have many more balls to hit, but i ca already say that your analysis was awesome.
John Munno, USA
James, I think your site is awesome … I’m signing up. Good for you. Hope some day we can plan a round together. My index is now 4.6 … all because of you!!!
Charlie Lilli, USA
Your swing looks a lot like Charles Howell lll
Jordan Meas, YouTube
James, thank you for the great reminder about change and being opened minded to it. Personally, I get worn out from “purists” and those who cater to them. Keep up the good work.
Dave Pena, USA
Excellent Instruction! I was led here on having some interest in Eddie Merrins “Swing The Handle”
Mike Barnett, USA
I went down the practice fairway this morning Australian time, and hit the ball better than I ever have. I can now turn my left shoulder under, instead of flat and losing my spine angles. This is because you are the first pro to say that the left hip also turns under and the right leg straightens ‘a bit’. I always thought the hips turned flat and the right leg stays bent in the address position!!! How many times have I been told that?
David, Australia
As a golfer for 60 years (now age 73) I’m a victim of old concepts on weight shifting and various bad advice in golf magazines over the years. The data assembled from video and data gathering devices like the force plate is irrefutable. I’ve recently been trying to incorporate the weight transfer and coil concepts advocated by James. It isn’t easy to undo life long bad habits, but this is obviously working. My swing is beginning too be more stable, easier on my body and more consistent.
Bob Nicholson, USA
Great article, while I have many problems in my swing, I think an early hinge will help me load more and stop my upper body sway. I am trying to turn more, and while doing so, I lift my arms without a hinge which may be preventing me from making a proper turn, not sure. I like the idea of the club coming up to almost verticals early, I’ll try that this evening, I have to make changes because what I’m doing now , isn’t working. Thanks for the info, good stuff.
Herb, USA
Very well done. I have always felt that my weight was more over my left foot on back swing and good contact always left me with about 90% of my weight on my left foot at the finish. U r the first that I have observed who advocates keeping more weight on the left on backswing. This has helped me stop the sway and stop the fat shot. Bravo to u! Thought I was alone on this thought.
Sam Ferrucci, USA
I love the way you introduce these “modern swing” techniques James. Looking forward to building counterbalancing into my swing and puring more shots!
Dave, USA
Great suff,I’ve change my back swing after reading your input and I’ve not hit the ball so good in a long time.
Colin Scates, UK
Really good drill would I be right in saying Sean foley like?
Frazer, USA
Thank you for your willingness to share information and insights. I have enjoyed all of your articles and encourage you to continue. I believe that your approach is right on. Much appreciated.
Jim Horn, UK
I’ve read Bobby Clampett’s “Impact Zone” book a few times, and while I like the premise and understand it for the most part, he doesn’t do a great job of explaining exactly how to “load” the club on the backswing. Your method feels natural and definitely “loads” the club. Thank you and look forward to seeing more!
Jared, USA
Thanks James for fixing my back swing. After retiring from teaching golf for 25 years I couldn’t fix myself. With your professional expertise you had me fixed in 10 min. and hitting laser shots on the green. That’s what students want, no small talk just fix my swing and that is what you did.
Ray Hess, USA
Great video on Rocky there. I really liked the way you explained some key points and swing moves in this video. Amazing how well he maintains that head position. Will definitely keep this in mind for today’s practice session.
Sam Wroclawski, USA
James, this is an insightful training video. Years ago I learned a “width swing” from Mike Adams, “The Laws of Golf”, which featured an early wrist set. It worked pretty effectively on iron swings but I struggled with it on my fairway woods and driver. I was also taught to keep my rear leg flexed and to “sit” into my right side on the backswing. None of this seems to work for me anymore so I am anxious to try your approach.
David, USA
I really enjoy your articles James I have been playing 30yrs but only took lessons about 5yrs ago, after a couple I improved drastically and seriously studied all types of instruction practicing on the range using what suited me and made sense. Unfortunately living in Canada the season is short but I really connect with your concept and hope to take some to the course and the range in a few months.
Andrew Galdstone, Canada
Excellent. I lift my front heel on back swing to make a bigger turn on back swing = feel. I don’t turn my shoulders and hips in back swing enough and tend to swing all arms=real.
Never thought by placing more weight on front foot during back swing would ever allow a big enough turn. Going to have to if that is real for me.
Mike, USA
Thanks James for all this valuable information. I’m 30 years older than one of the pros at the course I play at and I out drive him by 5 to 10 yards. Using the S&T I aim 10 yards left of my target and take the club straight back and then swing out at the inside of the ball. The ball goes down the right side of the fairway and then gently turns to the left.
Ray, USA
Enjoyed your analysis of a great golf swing of one of the legends of golf. I could see similarities between Mac O’Grady’s swing and Ben Hogan’s swing especially at the top (P4) where their backs are fairly vertical while facing the target i.e. spine angle towards the target.
Jim, USA
Great article…thank u!! Figured this out through trial and error recently, and was absolutely amazed at the results. Just had to do some research to validate my findings, and u explained exactly what I focus on. My only two swing thoughts on the back swing are 1) hinge early and to the inside, and 2) push left shoulder down, under the chin (keeps me on plane). Then I just swing out…and pure the ball every time. Nothing like that crisp ‘thud’ and ‘zip’ sound as u compress is perfectly. Great tip!!
Royce Hamilton, USA
Great article. I first ran into the S & T in the June 2007 issue of Golf Digest. Later bought the book and DVD. The realization of where pro golfers actually hit the ground (Low Point Control) was an insight that I had lacked. I have been working on the S & T for several years and have monitored blogs and articles. Interesting reactions, some from big name instructors, disagreeing with the method. As you have mentioned, there is a lot of conflicting information out there about the golf swing. But I believe that Bennett and Plummer have the best approach. It simply makes good sense and it works.
Jim, USA
Very interesting. Me and my instructor were just discussing this the other day. Being a very feel oriented player, and very technical all at the same time, I have to hear/see things in the perfect way or I will take them too literal.
Dustin Chance, USA
James: Great Info! Thanks! I’m very tall at 6’10” and struggle with head movement constantly. What you’re saying is flex the left knee over the ball of the foot as much as possible without dipping the head down?
Greg Hill, USA
Early extension of my hips is big problem of mine. I like that butt back and forehead forward idea or drill. You also alluded to how early extending the right hand/wrist can cause you to come out of your posture to avoid hitting the ground which is something I often do. Thanks for the drill.
Mike, USA
Many thanks for this. This is one of the simplest best drills around for setting the club in the correct position. For years I have been battling with an inside shut takeaway and to overcome it I was fanning the club out.(My pro told me to start with the wrists but I think even he was running out of ideas that clicked for me!) Finally the penny dropped after watching this.I had a lesson last week and all he needed me to work on was more width at the top of the backswing by getting the left arm higher. Excellent tip I can even visualize the drill stick for my takeaway when i’m out on the course.The results have been straighter shots, more distance and better ball striking. Keep up the good work.
Richard, USA
James is a fantastic golf coach, by far the best iv worked with!! It’s not just about playing with feel its about understanding the correct movements within the swing and James understands what those movements are. He doesn’t leave any stones unturned, In 2 lessons i'v learnt move than I have in 2 years with my old coach. I think most people think they can do it all by themselves but when you finally admit you need help then stop wasting time and get online to http://www.jamesparkergolf.com because he’s the MAN !!
Sarah Skilton, UK
Hi James, i've been doing this at work tonight, then come home and saw it on ya blog. I like what you said about reconnecting right shoulder on the way down, because i was scared of coming over the top. I also like the hands coming more on the inside on the way back. I really like this new way of swinging. It's funny how things change over the years because you would never tell people to pick it up steep. keep up the good work.
John Cooper, UK
Hi James, Thanks for your help. Your articles are invaluable..
Joe, Canada
Information information information!!!! Work hard then harder then even harder. Thanks for all the correct information James
Sarah, UK
James- I think your website is great. Trying to figure out hitters and swingers.
Bill, USA
I have taken the NON-restriction model to the range and course over the past week and a half. Huge difference in ball striking.
E Folmer, USA
Great piece James. Thanks for sharing this.
Marcus, USA
Mr Parker, thank you for a very good explanation and drill. I have struggled with a late set for many years which often leads to fat or thin iron shots due to overactive hands at the bottom of the swing. Many thanks!
Jon B, USA
I agree with your position. So many teachers speak about “shifting the weight to the right on the backswing”. But anyone can see (if they look without prejudice) that very few golfers of ability shift their weight like that..
William Reichert, USA
Hi James mate!! Another great analysis video as always. Thank you for taking the time to put this together to help us all with our game.
Sam, USA
Thanks....this really helps...solid ball contact...and lots of draw shots..amazingly, no shanks for me..used to play with shifting weight left then to the right..but I guess this will definitely be my permanent swing...cheers
Sharhom Sawi, Asia
I have a heck of a time staying on balance in my swing.  I have tried everything for 30 years to no avail.  When I do swing well, I notice a feeling of being perfectly planted on my left foot at impact. I thought that deliberately being planted on the left foot would cause a reverse weight shift, but that is not the case with you at all. Your swing looks great.  I can't wait to try this.
mauroj723, YouTube
I have always fought swaying – this early set seems to correct that problem. Very helpful and clearly explained (clearly explaining is a flaw of many golf teachers!)
Steve, YouTube
James. Wonderful tips, thanks. I have been playing “right sided golf” for nearly two years now. Love your concepts..
Scotty George, Scotland
I've said it before and i'll say it again...you LITERALLY have the best posture on the planet.
Charles Milano, USA
I agree with you. I have my weight on the forward leg throughout!
I'm Simon, YouTube
I've been teaching for a while and I thought this was a great simple drill to improve hip turn. Great work Pro!
Brian Marais, YouTube
Hi there, Mr. Parker. I found this video on your blog post while searching Google for Jay Haas and Kenny Perry swing information. Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your videos! I've watched a few now, and your communication and ideas are very good. I just subscribed.
Ryan Trepasso, YouTube
I really like how you explained this drill. I slice my driver so much, I usually opt to leave it in the bag and use my 3 wood to stay in the fairway. I tried this and did not slice one ball. I hit several straight shots, a few draws and hooked a few by mistake but not one slice. It really helped me understand the feeling that my hands and body should have by taking a few of these baseball swings right before address. Great Video!
DenColejr, YouTube
As a devoted S,n,T follower i found your video james to be extremely valuable,it breaks down two key moves of stack and tilt the hip turn and the straightening of the right leg on the backswing.
Brian Gunning, YouTube
I gave up on conventional instruction a few years ago and instead developed a swing that worked for me. And it basically works in the way that you teach 🙂
VideoPhilell, YouTube
I have never in my life received more value for my money in James,  Great video on the Gathering of the Clubhead at Top of Swing.  You have scientifically explained what I have been trying to promote with the Orange Whip.  All the best,
Jim Hackenburg, PGA, YouTube
James, I have watched so many golf videos I have lost count. All I can say is WOW!!! You have managed to simplify and hit dead on what holds most of us back.  Thank you
Lilia Echarri, YouTube
I can't watch this and the Mac O'Grady video enough. Thanks for the insight and all you do. Keep it up!
Golfadickted, YouTube
love this, I am trying to shallow my down swing and I love the shelf example, tried it today.  You've got some good stuff going on James
John Summerfield, YouTube
Excellent video, description, drills James. Thanks for sharing.
Jonathan W Golf, YouTube
Really Amazing Trick...:) Really Informative
Zachary Nichels, YouTube
this is top stuff mate, from 2 PGA coaches who coach all day everyday!
CityPoint Golf Studio, YouTube
This is the best advice. I have played golf badly for 40 years and have had hundreds of lessons (two a week EVERY WEEK for seven years). Since I adopted something almost identical to this advice I am hitting the ball so well time after time after time that it just makes me laugh. Golf Off the Left Foot.  GOLF
Gersprungled, YouTube
This video is absolutely the truth. It's amazing how well that little move at the top of the backswing works. I just started doing it the other day, and I started pounding the ball powerfully and effortlessly. No more coming over the top!
Mrmarty2019, YouTube
Amazing how you don't seem to rotate your wrists through impact at 4:29 - 4-32 on the vid. Very much like one Mr Hogan. Where's as most people are taught to rotate which I for one disagree with.
Diego Diaz, YouTube
Absolutely outstanding James. Great video and very helpful analysis. Exactly what I'm working on at the moment. i am trying to shallow downswing and introduce some lead wrist flexion also.
Jon, YouTube
The key of taking the butt of the club back toward your right thigh in the first 12" of the backswing and reconnecting your right elbow to your chest from the top is so clearly explained. Thank you
James Kane, YouTube
Very very good instruction. You explain the wrist cock so well in the backswing and especially the downswing. I am a third-year golfer and this is the clear, descriptive lesson I have been searching for.
Paul Andrew, YouTube
keep the weight shifting for players who are bottle necked in their game and just need distance. I thought I was crazy when I was keeping my weight left. I'm gunna stick to it for a while
Jacob Streiff, YouTube
Thanks for the video. I never like, or understand, releasing the club. Cool that it could actually be better not to.
Mike Mcguire, YouTube
Very clear and extremely helpful video and elaboration of the synchronisation of the hands, arms and lower body pivot. thank you.
Munt Tang, YouTube
This really simplifies the swing and gives you better ball first contact.
John T, YouTube
Great Video JamesJust found your site ,went down range, weight on front foot and creamed it ..Thank you superb
Tina Limerick, YouTube
Thanks James, This is exactly what I needed to maintain consistency with ball striking.
Humbleworks, YouTube
James, Best explanation ever! Finally a golf instructor who knows how to instruct! Thanks,Walt
Walt Reyer, YouTube
Your Robert Rock swing analysis and this video have dropped the last piece of my swing into place. I have never hit the ball this well before. After years of hitting balls I've finally got it. Thanks SO much!!!
Jason Olds, YouTube
I been working on flattening my downswing to.A good feeling for me is getting my r elbow under coming down.This has help me to hit that draw.
Paul Malone, YouTube
most people make the wrong pass at the top. this explains it very well indeed..
Martin G, YouTube
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