By Billy Bondurak
Sourced from his excellent Youtube Channel
With notes and comments from JP

JP: If you’ve been reading my material for a while, you’ll know I’m not a big fan of the conventional way of doing things. The idea that we should all keep the right knee flexed (braced) and try and turn the upper body against it – simply isn’t an accurate way of describing how the majority of the best players do and have swung the club.

What I like about Billy Bondurak is how he elegantly explains the difference between the resistant model and the non-resistant model. And also talks about the difference between the older swings and newer swings.

Only a few seconds into this video he describes how the older guys used to sag inward with their left side during their back swing. Describing how the left knee used to move inwards which brought the left heel off the ground a little..


One of the best phrases he uses is a shoulder centered motion that stays on top of the golf ball


Unless the center of the shoulders stays in place, the head is going to move. It’s that simple..

He then goes onto make a quick comment about how the spine should tilt to the left and extend during the takeaway to accommodate for the turning motion.


He then goes on to describe how by extending the legs, it facilitates more power through the shot by adding some pop..


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But the best part of this video is when he cuts to his studio and starts talking about all the great golf swing pics he has on his wall..

Here he has a pic of Tiger with a S&T book behind him on the ground.

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 8.29.47 PM

Proof once again, that under the guidance of Sean Foley (who was one of the first guys to get trained under Mike Bennett & Andy Plummer in the Stack and Tilt system..) he was indeed trying to straighten his back leg and tilt left..

Why he left Sean Foley I’ll never know.. he won 5 times that season while he was working under his guidance!

Conclusion: Of course one of the big differences between the old-style swing and the modern swing is the difference in how the lower body moves.

As Billy states.. the older guys had their left side sag in during the backswing – the modern swing tries to maintain the left knee over the left ankle for better structure.

That way the left knee doesn’t have to work so aggressively during the start of the downswing.

Take a look at BB’s excellent video and feel free to leave comments below..