When I talk about concentration, I’m usually talking about the thoughts that occupy the mind when around the ball, during the pre-shot routine and the swing itself. This is our ‘Up-Time’ out on the course. ‘Down-Time’ is the 90% of the time between the shots you play.

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Obviously thinking positively during this up-time is important. And although, this can mean different things to different people, it should improve performance across the board.

Positive thinking in golf to me basically means – any thoughts that can increase the probability of a good swing.

Negative thinking generally has the opposite effect. It’s usually the cause of poor rhythm, co-ordination and commitment in the swing.

Building an effective pre-shot routine (Inc. thought content) in golf, takes some experimentation, before the right blend of thoughts can be established. Thoughts that focus on rhythm and timing I’d consider good thoughts.

Negative thoughts would include fear of hazards, worrying about consequences of poor shots or focusing on technical elements in the swing.

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