Some people simply don’t have the inclination or time to work on their chipping technique. Although you should if you genuinely want to be a good golfer.

Over time you’re going to find yourself in all sorts of different lies and predicaments around the green.

It’s important you not only learn a good technique (technical practice) but also practice from a variety of different spots, lies and positions around the green (variable practice). 

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Using your Hybrid club (utility/5wood) is sometimes a good choice of shot. If you’re struggling with confidence when you’re chipping with a wedge on a tight lie or if the grass is too long just off the green to putt it, grab your hybrid club.

the setup is very similar to a normal chip shot:

weight forward

shaft forward

straight line with left arm and club

Then make a small putting stroke style action!

The ball will spring off the face, so there’s no need for speed or aggressiveness in the stroke.

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