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Last year, when I started my Online Golf Academy I had a few options with regards to my choice of technology and video analysis equipment. I’m so glad I went with V1 Golf.

Not only are they the leading video analysis system in the business. But they have recently updated their App to conform with the latest and greatest technology on the market.

Last month I got myself a newer Iphone, the Iphone 6s. It’s slightly larger than previous Iphones but slender none the less.

The best feature, is the updated camera functionality. You can now capture a video on your phone in 120 fps (frames per second).

This is huge if you’re a golf nut/mad scientist type who has always fantasized about simple little gadgets with awesome video capabilities.

Now, let me explain how this affects your golf swing and the ability to analyze it.

Previously, the V1 app could only record in 30 fps and on some devices up to 60 fps. Now 120 fps is the minimum, and on some devices the fps can go up to 240.

How does it help YOU and ME? Simple, now when you send me your swing (or analyze it yourself) you and I don’t get any frame JUMPING. Meaning, as long as you’re filming in 120 fps we see a constant flow of movements from start to finish. No frame jumping.

This is important because during crucial moments in the swing such as IMPACT and the transition into the downswing, we want to be able to watch the move in slow motion and know exactly what part of the machine is at fault. If it’s shot in 30 fps sometimes the video JUMPS from frame to frame, so we are kind of playing connect the dots a little.

We can still detect the basic geometry of the swing, meaning the correct planes and angles etc. But in a perfect world we want a nice continuous flow of movement without any snail trail of the club head or shaft.

Check this short video out below, where I talk a little about the swing and also the superb video quality. All shot on an iphone 6 with the V1 Golf app.

If you haven’t download it onto your phone yet, you can click the V1 banner to the right, it’s worth a couple of bucks. Plus you can send me your swing straight from the app with a couple of clicks. Just select “The James Parker Golf Academy” as your preferred pro.