Weight starts left whilst tailbone moves left during the backswing

In my swing model I want you to start with a little more weight on your front foot, 55%!

When you do this you’re really now using your left leg as the anchor of the swing.

This is what we pivot around.

When we bend forward with the spine to assume our posture, the pelvis tilts forward putting you in a Flexion position.

From this position you want to feel your right hip moving upwards and backward.

And your tailbone moving toward the target.

Please make sure you watch the “Tailbone Drill” and the “Straighten Your Right Leg Drill”.

Once you understand how to move your hips, the rest starts to make sense.

If you’re not catching yourself moving like this in front of a mirror to see what it looks like, frankly you’re not serious about improving.

I want you to turn your hips to the maximum, not restrict them.

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