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The Slot, is simply the optimum angle of the left arm and club coming down into impact.

The idea is to keep the club head behind the hands for as long as you can. This is really what Width means in the golf swing.

If the club head gets outside the hands to soon coming down, the club head moves closer to the ball sooner, which equals a lack of width.

What we tend to see with the Tour Professionals is a distinct change of direction (flattening) with the club during the transition, and in my experience this is very difficult to achieve without the club going back on a steeper angle.

This means the club head has a job of going upwards during the takeaway, through the cocking (radial deviation) of the left wrist. Combine this with the left shoulder moving downwards and you’re well on your way to a centered backswing that involves a 3D movement of the spine – Tilting, Turning and Extending.

Click on the video below, where I explain how many of the top players in the world take club back steeper and shallow it out during the transition and into the downswing.

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