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Troy Matteson is a Two time winner on the PGA Tour and works on his golf swing with Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer.

Let’s start with the basics:

His right leg Straightens (a little)
and his left leg Bends
during the backswing.

This produces a right hip that is higher than the left hip at the top of his swing. And his tailbone moves significantly towards the target.

the perfect lower body action in the golf swing

To watch my tailbone drill click here

The idea of starting with a little weight forward and slowly moving more weight forward (counterbalancing) not only happens with the irons but also with the woods.

As long as the ball is positioned more under the left shoulder (the center of the swing) and you’re still trying to HIT OUT at the ball, you’ll be fine!

The real issue lies in the functionality of the move to produce the correct weight transfer. As most golfers “sway” their hips laterally – away from the target to try and load the weight into their right leg.

Remember, there’s a big difference between what you feel, and what is real! You should always feel a gradual increase in pressure under the left (forward) foot. But in reality, because the right leg is straightening and also increasing pressure under the right foot, many people still actually have a little more weight under their right foot. Even though they are trying to increase the pressure under the left foot.

You don’t find any Pros on Tour nowadays “swaying” or laterally moving their hips. Some still prefer to load into the right leg and then into the left, and that’s fine. Each to their own. But what must happen is a “Thrusting” or “Driving” of the hips towards the target to initiate the downswing. This then produces more weight under the front foot.

And as long as your feet are “Rooted” into the ground, you can use the ground to push down and then push up off!

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