A few years ago when I started my blog, I started to dabble in the art of video making. Back then, I wasn’t married, didn’t have kinds, and golf was literally my life!

I had lots of time to teach, play, write, think, etc. Now, not so much. But I wouldn’t trade my new life for the world.

Ben & Jack – Future PGA Tour stars….

Nowadays, most of the videos I make go straight into the members area of the site. I’m answering members questions or creating new video courses that answer a specific question or problem someone has posed.

However, some of the videos that I made a few years ago are still on YouTube. And one in particular has recently reached over 100K views.

This one video alone has led to me helping hundreds of new golfers around the world! Some people send me their video via the V1 Golf App for a Mobile Analysis, some join my online academy and some have jumped in their car and made the trip to come and see me in person.

It’s not an easy thing to grasp – making video. To be honest, I’d much prefer to write than anything else. It’s easier. But, that’s the cowards way out. The truth is, nobody is good at making videos when they start out. But the more you do it, the better you become.

Some guys I’ve come across on YouTube are reading from a script. I made a few videos when I started out trying to do it this way, but the best results are from when you trust yourself enough to speak from the heart. When you’re reading off a screen on a teleprompter, it just comes off too wooden!

I’m very grateful to everyone who consumes my content and gives me some praise and positive feedback, and even more so when they throw a few shillings my way for a product or service I offer. If you haven’t watched this video yet, here it is again. It’s a couple of years old now, but the info is still solid. Enjoy.

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